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    • Pre-authentication or supplementary attestation (if necessary with apostille) for your certified translation – applied for by us at the higher regional court
    • Free delivery of the pre-authentication or supplementary attestation by registered mail to your address
    • Processing time usually 1-2 weeks (depends on the Higher Regional Court)
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Application for supplementary attestation / pre-authentication (with apostille if necessary)

In some cases, a certified translation must be pre-authentificated. Experience has shown that this is required often by foreign embassies within Germany, for example. The German term “Überbeglaubigung” refers to pre-authentication or supplementary attestation in English.

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What is a pre-authentication or supplementary attestation and what is it needed for?

A pre-authentication or supplementary attestation (German: Überbeglaubigung) confirms that the translator has been sworn in by a German court for the respective language and is thus authorized to produce certified translations. It therefore refers to the translation and not to the document itself (e.g. a birth certificate). The confirmation is signed by the respective judge.
For example, an application is made to an embassy in Germany for the birth certificate of a foreign child born in Germany. For this purpose, the German birth certificate must first be translated and then, if necessary, the pre-authentication or supplementary attestation must be applied for. We often obtain pre-authentifications for certified translations submitted to the Philippine Consulate. This requires court pre-authentification of translations by sworn translators (click here for details).

Pre-authentications or supplementary attestations must be applied for at the Higher Regional Court in the federal state in which the translator is sworn in.

Do I also need an apostille as part of the pre-authentication or supplementary attestation?

This question is reviewed independently by the Higher Regional Court – it is important that you specify above for which country and which office/authority you require the authentification. If the country is part of the Hague Convention, an apostille is automatically issued as well. The apostille confirms the authenticity of the judge’s signature and seal.

Important note: The apostille for pre-authentication mentioned here does not refer to the source document (e.g. birth certificate). An apostille for e.g. a civil status certificate must be applied for at the respective Ministry of the Interior. You can find the corresponding service for Baden-Württemberg here.

How does the application process work and how long does it take to get the authentication and apostille?

First of all, the certified translation must be made – you can order it conveniently in our store. The certified translation can then be used to apply for pre-authentication or supplementary attestation. As a rule, we can send you the completed documents 1-2 weeks after the request for authentication.

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Do I have to get the pre-authentication or supplementary attestation and the apostille still be translated?

The Higher Regional Court issues the pre-authentication or supplementary attestation (if necessary with apostille) in German. If you wish to submit them within Germany (also to foreign embassies), no further translation is necessary. If, however, you wish to present the authentication (with apostille if necessary) abroad, you will still need a certified translation. You can order it here: certified translation of an apostille.

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    Wladu X

    Schnelle Umsetzung, großartig

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    I. Wereschtschuk

    Wir brauchten eine beglaubigte Übersetzung mit Überbeglaubigung für die ukrainische Botschaft. Es hat alles wunderbar funktioniert – wir danken EXXACTO für die sehr kompetente Unterstützung.

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