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Do you need a sworn interpreter? No problem – we offer you professional and affordable language experts throughout Germany.

Whether for a civil ceremony (marriage), a notary appointment or a court hearing – if one of the parties involved does not have sufficient command of the German language, you will need a court-sworn (official) interpreter for such official appointments (for more information on the legal provisions, see the German Beurkundungsgesetz).

vereidigter offizieller amtlicher Dolmetscher
Interpreter sworn at court (e.g. for English, German)

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Interpreting method of the interpreter

The interpreter reproduces what has been said consecutively, i.e. with a time delay, to ensure that the party who does not speak the language in question understands everything. Frequently requested languages include English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish and Chinese.

Preparation of your appointment

In the run-up to the appointment, the interpreter prepares in detail on the basis of documents that you provide us with, if possible: In the case of a civil ceremony, for example, it is helpful if you send us the wedding speech in advance, so that our interpreter can deliver the speech just as atmospherically as the registrar.
Also in the case of a notary appointment, for example for the purchase of a property, you should submit the purchase agreement to us in advance, as it will be read out by the notary at the notary appointment.

Germany-wide coverage of our low-cost interpreting services

For your appointment, we will of course select an expert from our large network of professional interpreters in your area – also to keep travel time and costs as low as possible. Our experienced professionals are available for interpreting assignments not only at our agency’s location in Stuttgart, but also throughout Germany (e.g. in the vicinity of Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig).

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