Does the translator need the original document or is a copy sufficient?

Usually, a scan or a photo of the original document is sufficient to make a certified translation. We produce 99.9% of our certified translations using copies.

Exemplary attestation clause with reference to the source text in copy

Most translators note on the translation whether the document was submitted as a copy or as an original. However, this is not mandatory in principle, so that some also omit this note. Mostly, this reference does not play a role for official recognition.

In extremely rare cases (e.g. recognition of documents from third countries), an authority requires that the original document was present at the time of translation. We can also fulfill this requirement by asking you to send us your document in advance. Please contact us should you need to meet this requirement.

Our tip: Find out exactly what the requirements are for the certified translation. U.S. authorities sometimes even specify the content of the attestation clause. Please inform us if a translation from the original is required, which is an absolute exception.

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