!!! Due to the summer vacations we are currently NOT able to accept RUSH ORDERS !!!
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!!! Due to the summer vacations we are currently NOT able to accept RUSH ORDERS !!!
The delivery time is currently 1-2 working days longer than stated in the shop

Medical specialist certificate – Certified translation

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    • Professional certified translation of a medical specialist certificate by a translator sworn in court in Germany
    • 100% recognition rate (so far all our translations have been recognized in Germany/EU/third countries; read our FAQ on recognition)
    • Low price incl. value added tax
    • Free delivery by Deutsche Post to your address
    • Highest data protection through SSL-encrypted platform
    • Fast processing by competent translation agency

PDF file certified translation Additional delivery as PDF possible (if desired, please add scan to shopping cart (click here); PDF delivery possible within 1-2 business days for documents with 1-3 pages. A scan of the stamped certified translation is delivered. You can find more information about our delivery times here.

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Certified translation of medical specialist certificate / specialist diploma

Do you need a certified translation of your medical specialist certificate? You are probably a doctor and would like to have your specialist certificate recognized in a country where you would like to work. Among many other documents, you will need a certified translation of your specialist certificate for this purpose. By the way, you can also order the certified translation of your license to practice medicinor your certificate of medical license examination from us.

What is a medical specialist certificate?Certified translation medical specialist certificate

After graduating from high school, studying medicine and working for many years as an assistant doctor or doctor in further training, physicians have the opportunity to become a specialist.

Becoming a specialist requires years of training, culminating in the specialist examination.

For more information, please visit the website of the German Medical Association.
Possible areas of expertise include, for example:

  • internal medicine
  • general medicine
  • surgery
  • etc.

With the specialist certificate, a physician is entitled to set up or run his/her own practice.

Recognition of the specialist certificate

Due to standardized processes, the recognition of specialist medical training and examinations is much easier within Europe than moving from the EU to third countries or vice versa. Visit the German Medical Association‘s site for more information on the recognition process. In any case, an important part of the procedure is the certified translation of certain documents into the target language.

Specialist certificate sworn translation cheap fast correct

Certified translation of your medical specialist certificate

A certified translation of your medical specialist certificate is a careful and true-to-layout translation of the language of your document into the desired target language (e.g. German) by a translator sworn in at a German court. The latter confirms the accuracy and completeness of the translation in relation to the original document by means of his or her stamp and certification mark. A copy of the original document is also usually attached to the certified translation. For the translation we only need a copy (scan or photo) of your document. For information on providing the certificate and digitizing your document, click here. You will receive the certified translation by mail within the specified delivery time (2-3 business days for short documents). You can find more useful information about the order process here.

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