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    • Professional certified translation of your apostille by a translator sworn in court in Germany
    • 100% recognition rate (so far all our translations have been recognized in Germany/EU/third countries; read our FAQ on recognition)
    • Low price incl. value added tax
    • Free shipping by Deutsche Post to your German address
    • Highest data protection through SSL-encrypted platform
    • Fast processing by competent translation agency

PDF scan of certified translation Additional delivery as PDF possible (if desired, please add scan to shopping cart (click here); PDF delivery possible within 1-2 business days for documents with 1-3 pages. A scan of the stamped certified translation is delivered. You can find more information about our delivery times here.

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Get a certified translation of your apostille

Do you need a certified translation of an apostille? No problem – we will quickly provide you with a certified translation prepared by a sworn translator, which you can submit in your home country or abroad.

Certified translation of your apostille

The certified translation of your apostille that you receive from us is a careful and true-to-layout translation of the language of your document into the desired target language (e.g. German, French) by a translator sworn in at a German court. The latter confirms the accuracy and completeness of the translation in relation to the original document by means of his or her stamp and attestation mark. A copy of the original document is also usually attached to the certified translation. For the translation we only need a copy (scan or photo) of the document. For information on how to provide and digitize your document, click here. You will receive the certified translation by mail within the specified delivery time (2-3 business days). You can find more useful information about the order process here.

What is an apostille and when is it needed?

An apostille essentially confirms the authenticity of a document. This is particularly important against the background of today’s globalized world and the increasing exchange of documents across national borders. The apostille is issued by a state body that also issued the accompanying document or by another state body. The legal basis of the apostille (also Hague Apostille) is the Hague Apostille Convention which was signed by a large number of countries (details on the page of the German Foreign Office). Thanks to the agreement, public documents are exempt from legalization, which is a more burdensome formal procedure.

Within the EU, an apostille is no longer necessary in many cases. A list of public documents for which you do not need an apostille for filing in another EU country can be found on this EU website.


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